August 13, 2016

38th PIA Film Festival FOREIGN LANGUAGE films

38th PIA Film Festival, Sep 10 - 23
FOREIGN LANGUAGE (Dialogue / Subtitle) films

Hachimiri Madness: Japanese Indies from the Punk Years ... English subtitle

This is a collaboration programme, PFF with Berlinale and Hong Kong International Festival.

[Screening schedule]

  • A Man's Flower Road (1986/110min)
    by Sion Sono

    Sep.10th Sat. 11:30- / 20th Tue. 18:30-

  • Hanasareru Gang (1984/85min)
    by Nobuhiro Suwa

    Sep.11th Sun. 11:30- / 16th Fri. 19:00-

  • Isolation of 1/8800000 (1977/43min)
    by Sogo Ishii

    The Adventure of Denchu-Kozo (1988/47min)
    by Shinya Tsukamoto

    Sep.13th Tue. 19:00- / 16th Fri. 19:00-

  • I Am Sion Sono!! (1984/37min)
    by Sion Sono

    Tokyo Cabbageman K (1980/59min)
    by Akira Ogata

    Sep. 14th Wed.19:00- / 18th Sun. 13:00-

  • Happiness Avenue (1986/93min)
    by Katsuyuki Hirano

    Sep. 15th Thur 16:00- / 17th Sat. 16:00-

  • Saint Terrorism (1980/127min)
    by Masashi Yamamoto

    Sep. 15th Thur 16:00- / 17th Sat.12:00-

  • UNK (1979/15min)
    by Macoto Tezuka

    High-School-Terror (1979/6min)
    by Macoto Tezuka

    The Rain Women (1990/72min)
    by Shinobu Yaguchi

    Sep.16 Fri. 13:00- /17th Sat.19:00-

American Independent Spirits

[Screening schedule]

  • Cinéastes de notre temps: John Cassavetes (1969/49min/France/English/B&W)

    The Exiles (1961/72min/United States/English/Col)
    by Kent MacKenzie

    Sep.11th Sun. 11:30- / 21th Wed. 18:30-

Jacques Rivette tribute

[Screening schedule]

  • CELINE ET JULIE VONT EN BATEAU (1974/192min/France/Col)
    by Jacques Rivett

    Sep.11th Sun. 11:30- / 22tn Thur. 12:30-

PFF lecture series

[Screening schedule]

  • Weekend (2011/96min/English/Col)
    by Andrew Haigh

    Sep.13th Tue.11:00-

  • Mauvais Sang (1986/125min/Col)
    by Leos Carax

    Sep.17th Sat. 15:00-

Other PFF handling films

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