September 25, 2014

PFF Award 2014 result

To discover new filmmaking talent, "PFF AWARD"

The PFF Award Competition is the main feature of Pia Film Festival, which was launched in 1977. It places no restrictions whatsoever on the eligibility of its entrants and completely disregards their nationality, age, or sex; whether the film entered is on film or video; how long or short it is; or whether it is a drama, a documentary, or animation. In this regard, PFF Award is the most open of all competitions in the world's film festival circuit. Anyone can participate in this competition. *Total entries to date: 20,246 *Total Award winning works to date: 592

Grand Prize
The prize goes to a promising director of the film.(Winner will receive 1,000,000 Yen)
NIAGARA by Chie Hayakawa

Runner up Award
This prize goes to a progressive director of the film whose talent is expected a level of Grand Prize.(Winner will receive 200,000 Yen.)
RAPPA by Yuki Nakajima

Special Jurys' Award
This prize goes to a director of the film who has the most considerable talent expected in the future.(Three winners who each will receive 100,000 Yen.)
Banked Fire by Shuko Yamanouchi
Quiet´╝ćEvil by Kengo Yagawa
THE Motors by Daichi Watanabe

Entertainment Award (Horipro prize)
This prize goes to the film with the highest aspect of entertainment.
Dictator, Koga by Toshimitsu Iizuka

Gemstone Award (Nikkatsu prize)
This prize goes to the most progressive and daring film made beyond the common ideas of filmmaking.
Neo Peach Boy by Manabu Oda

Cinema Fan Award (Pia Eiga Seikatsu prize) & Audience Award
This prize goes to the film which the audience jury expects the screening in theaters most.
Don't say that word by Takuma Sato

The Japan P.E.N Club Award
This prize goes to a director whose activities are desirable for Japanese film industry.
The People Living in Hadenya by Kazuki Agatsuma

Other PFF handling films

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