May 12, 2014

Night Trip in PFF - a pre-event of Pia Film Festival 2014 -

A pre-event of Pia Film Festival 2014, Night Trip in PFF will be held at Theater Shinjuku from 17 to 23 May.

-Continuous screenings of legendary independent films of the 70s from 11:00 pm of the event first date of May 17 to the following date of 5 am!

-These are selected by the recent successful directors such as, Kiyoshi Kurosawa who chose MOMENT by Makoto Tezuka and Takashi Ito who chose ARTMAN by Toshio Matsumoto!

-Prints screening of 16mm and 8mm by the projector setting among the audience seats!

-Screenings of thirteen attractive films in the 21st century too!

*No English subtitled screening.
*Linked URL is only in Japanese.

Other PFF handling films

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