- PFF Award Competiton 2014

Winding Night

Winding Night

Director: Saki Ino


* with English subtitle

In July 1997, Sara is a child going through the ordeal of studying for entrance exams. One day, she happens upon a random attacker killing people on the street in Shibuya, and mutters in awe, "Wow, that man's so free. He's freely killing people." Years later, she successfully enters the best university in Japan and is reunited with the three other boys who also witnessed the massacre. One of them, Sugisaki, is a diabolical young man who reveals the others' sealed-off memories and past deeds one after another. Sara recalls how she really felt about her mother, a desire that she had buried away deep in her mind. Meanwhile, her mother, anxious about the safety of her daughter, was on her way to the university.

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