August 10, 2013


35th PIA FILM FESTIVAL / Sep. 14 - 20 / @ CineQuinto - Shibuya PARCO PartIII - 8F

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PFF Award 2013 programme;16 films out of 511 will be shown. Award ceremony will be held on 20th Sep. 16:30~

Invitation programme ; Lecture Series: 5 Ways to Become a Filmmaker.
We will pick up 5 cases for becoming and being a film director with holding lecture programmes.

Foreign Filmmakers Based in Japan / Distributing Movies Online/ Investigating the Structures of Self-production / How to make low budget films /Japanese Filmmakers Based in China - Special Discussion on the Present State of Filmmaking in China -by Shozo Ichiyama, Ryuji Otsuka and Hiroshi Okuhara.

Memorial of Ray Harryhausen- Wonderful world of Special Effects-The Joy of Craftsmanship and Making Movies by Hand ; The 7th Voyage of Sindbad (1958), Jason and Argonauts (1963), Clash of the Titans (1981)

Special lecture programme; Part 1 : Why "Special Effects Museum"? & Part 2 : Special Effects Revisited

Contact : (03) 5774-5296 /

Other PFF handling films

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