- PFF Award Competiton 2010

Too Young to Tell a Lie

Too Young to Tell a Lie

Director:Gaku Kobayashi

After graduating from a university in Kumamoto, Yamada moves to Tokyo to job-hunt and begins working at a sushi delivery chain. Because he is much clumsier than others, he keeps making mistakes when he is told to take orders on the phone and is scolded by his coworkers. One day, he falls in love with Ryoko, a beautiful office worker, while handing out fliers door-to-door. He starts delivering sushi to her, lying that they are leftovers from work. Meanwhile, he continues to spew extremely slanted views on society to anybody he meets such as, "The correct way to live is to commute on the subway to Marunouchi," and "You can only interact with society by wearing a suit," like an advertising pillar for the stereotype of a capitalist society. He also verbally abuses others by calling them "country bumpkins," which in turn exposes his own sense of inferiority about his rural upbringing. By doing so, he makes everyone he meets loathe him. Eventually, when everything begins to go wrong, he tells a blatant lie to his own mother, the only person who had shown him kindness throughout.

PFF Award Competiton 2010
Cinema Fan Award

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