- PFF Award Competiton 2010

Icarus Under the Sun

Icarus Under the Sun

Director:Saori Abe and Nazuki Takahashi


* with English subtitle

On a winter's night, Haruwo arrives in Tokyo and crashes at her friend Atsuko and her boyfriend's place. She freeloads off them and begins working at a mahjong parlor that is quietly doing business on the second floor of a building in an obscure corner of the big city. Haruwo, who had been mostly absent from junior high school, had felt a void in her heart ever since then. But at this mahjong parlor, she meets others who are a bit like her, as if she were drawn into their midst. Maguchi, the visually handicapped manager of the parlor, is a former photographer rumored to have repeatedly committed theft. Asako, his lover, had formerly been hospitalized at a mental institution. Haruwo's coworker Alan has a handicap in his leg, the cause unknown. As time passes, Haruwo begins to feel deeply attached to these people, but her happiness does not last for long.

PFF Award Competiton 2010

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