- PFF Award Competiton 2010

HOT AS HELL The Deadbeat March

HOT AS HELL The Deadbeat March

Director:Yosuke Okuda


* with English subtitle

A man and a woman, former lovers who have each given up hope in life, are reunited after several years. The woman has become a sex worker who cannot escape the yakuza, and the man copes with routine work as if he has been forsaken by society after failing to live up to its expectations. The memories from when they were younger pumps up the man's adrenalin as if responding relatively to the reality of his current life. But of course, he doesn't get the woman, the symbol of hope, or the big money, and the yakuza (= violence) that brings reality home to him is in turn forced to give in to a greater violence called society. From there on, life becomes nothing but a routine that produces further despair.

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