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The 18th PFF Scholarship Film
Director:Takatsugu Naito

Manzo Ishiguro is a 38-year-old bachelor. His occupation is a fisherman. Day after day, he goes out to sea on the fishing boat that his father left him and pitches the fishing net. Manzo is lonely. "I can't stand this anymore." His deep sorrow echoes emptily in the one-storied house. One day, at the port town where Manzo lives, a party sponsored by the town office for prospective brides to meet the bachelors in town takes place. The town itself suffered from a severe lack of women willing to marry the local men, so the single fishermen frantically try to attract the attention of the gorgeous women gathered from Tokyo. Manzo also wears his best outfit and attends the party, but the result is a crushing defeat. His feelings don't connect with anybody. Then, intruders suddenly appear in the lonely house where Manzo sits dejected. They are Mitsuko and Masao, a mysterious mother and son. Although Manzo drives them away at first, he eventually warms up to the two intruders because he longs for a happy family. Thus, a strange house-sharing situation is born. However, although this pseudo-family-like relationship appears to run smoothly for a while, it does not last for long...

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