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The 17th PFF Scholarship Film
Director:Izuru Kumasaka

This is a somewhat heartwarming story revolving around an oasis in the city. The main character is a middle-aged woman, Tsuyako, the owner of a slightly worn down "love hotel". She is a disagreeable and unsociable woman, who manages a hotel on the roof of which a small park has been built for reasons unknown. There, old people and children visit this relaxing place one after the other, and amidst their daily existence in the cramped city, their feelings are healed, for a brief moment, in this "free zone" of the heart. It is a curious space, the reason for which it was built, and by whom or when, is unknown. The film looks gently upon the various wayward women of differing age groups who come to this small park and their emotional exchange with the frugal owner. This story of isolated women sharing in other people's grief, and attempting their own rebirth in a corner of the city, is a bold "fight song" raised to all women. This fantastic, moving and masterful women's film will bestow upon the viewer's heart a modest will to live.

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