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The Tale of Iya

The Tale of Iya

Director:Tetsuichiro Tsuta

Every morning, Grandpa climbs up the mountain to go to the little shrine to offer Omiki (sake) to the mountain god of "Iya". Haruna goes to high school an hour away from home, and after that, helps Grandpa to plow his field. No electricity, no gas, there was nothing but the nature. Their modest and humble life went by slow, and seemed eternal as if time stops.
However, seasons come round and nothing stays the same. Grandpa starts loosing his health, and their peaceful life like a fairytale was coming to an end. It was time for Haruna to leave her home. She decided to move to Tokyo to continue to college, and there she started working on an invention to get back her life in Iya with Grandpa.

Aurora Award at Tromsø International Film Festival 2014
Best Film Award at Pan Asia Film Festival 2014

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