April 1, 2017

A Japan Independent Era - Best Selection of PIA Film Festival

Kaohsiung Film Archive, special showcase - A Japan Independent Era - Best Selection of PIA Film Festival will be held in Kaohsiung, Taiwan from Apr.8 to May 14.
As it is said, the best selections of PIA Film Festival; PFF Award films and PFF Scholarship films will be shown.
And there is a special seminar by PFF director Keiko Araki and a director Isola Iwakiri of The Blooming at Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages, 17:30~.

★Timetable is here.
★Trailer is here.

Films from PFF Award;
PFF2016-The Blooming by Isola Iwakiri * A director will attend at the screening on Apr.9th at 14:30~
PFF2015- The Name of the Whale by Fumito Fujikawa
PFF2013-Anatomy of a Paper Clip by Akira Ikeda
PFF2012- Shady by Ryohei Watanabe
PFF2012- Her Res - 3 cases in which you will find me in 3 minutes by Ū-ki Yamato

Films from PFF Scholarship;
2011 The End of Puberty by Shoko Kimura
2009 Sawako Decides by Yuya Ishii
2004 A Stranger of Mine by Kenji Uchida
2003 Yoshino's Barber Shop by Naoko Ogigami
2002 Border Line by Sang-Il Lee

March 20, 2017


PFF Award 2016 Audience Award winner, VANITAS by Takuya Uchiyama will be shown at 41st Hong Kong International Film Festival
from 11-25 Apr. in Hong Kong.
*Director will attend the screenings on 18 & 20 Apr.

March 17, 2017

Cycling & TV Yamamura

Cycling by Akira Yamamoto and TV Yamamura by Risa Abe from PFF Award 2016 will be shown at 11th Fresh Wave International Short Film Festival on 13th March - 2nd April in Hong Kong.
*Both directors will attend the screenings on 25 Mar. at 7:40pm

January 10, 2017


One of PFF Award 2014 nominated films, Okinawa/Yamato by Kenta Higa is shown at Hong Kong Independent Film Festival in Hong Kong, 6-22 Jan.2017
*Director will attend the festival 15-18 Jan.

September 28, 2016


PFF Award 2016 Grand prize winner, Takashi Komatsu's OUT OF THE FRYING PAN... will be shown at Vancouver International Film Festival in Canada, Sep 29 - Oct14

Screening schedule:
01 October 2016 3:30 PM at The Cinematheque *Komatsu director will attend
03 October 2016 9:15 PM at The Cinematheque *Komatsu director will attend

Other PFF handling films

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