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The 12th PFF Scholarship Film
Director:Sang-Il Lee

KUROSAWA Daigo (MURAKAMI Jun), an unmotivated taxi driver on the job, runs over MATSUDA Shuji (SAWAKI Tetsu), who comes speeding by on his bicycle. Although the accident is not serious, Shuji insists on heading north to Hokkaido with a shadowed look about him. Daigo becomes worried and decides to go along. MIYAJI Daizuke (MITSUISHI Ken), in his mid-40s, still leads a life of a good-for-nothing punk. Because of the betrayal of his follower, he ends up being pursued by a yakuza (gangster) leader. What crosses his mind when he realizes that he has no future is his daughter that he deserted when she was in junior high. For AIKAWA Misa (ASO Yumi), a house of her own is the symbol of a happy family. But her son is being beaten up at school, her husband has been laid off, and the family ties no longer exist. To protect the image of her family that is now only illusion, Misa's life begins to fall out of gear. UEHARA Haruka (MAEDA Ayaka), who has many friends, appears to be ordinary high school girl. But she lives alone in an apartment and has a secret that she never shares her friends. People who have wounds in their relationship which their families meet for a fleeting moment, show sings of making contacts, but then part away. The story of each character repeats the pain of separation and becomes entangled with each other, and eventually discovers something in the end.

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