August 7, 2012

34th Pia Film Festival

34th Pia Film Festival(PFF) is held from Sep 18 to 28 at the Film center of the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo.

Our main programme is PFF Award competiton which continues from 1977. This year, we will introduce the most powerful and talented 16 works in this programme!  

MORE FUKUSHIMA by Hidenori Kato
Japan has abolished nuclear power generation by 2021, but another nightmarish accident occurs!

AH, AH, AH by Kana Inoue
A look at the various forms of "womanhood" surrounding a boyish high school girl.

OHAYO!-GOOD MORNING by Mizuki Sakugawa
What does a humiliated boy suffering from unrequited love spit out at the end of his flight?

SHADY by Ryohei Watanabe
A solitary high school girl befriends a charming classmate, but she reveals a shocking madness.

THE TOWN OF WHALES by Keiko Tsuruoka
A vibrant portrayal of the conflicting, wavering emotions of three high school friends.

The half-assed, fruitless, but endearing days of a university student who comes to Tokyo from Kumamoto

A road movie of a young man who has forgotten his dream and a dyed-blonde delinquent girl traveling north together.

UNDERWATER by Ayaka Kato
A captivating depiction of the strengths and weaknesses of a junior high school girl being bullied in a rural town.

stay tuned by Tomoyuki Ito
The dull high school boy's true identity is a star contributor of late-night radio!

LIGHT MY FIRE by Masashi Nagayama
A young man is saved by a middle-aged man on a mountain road at night, but is shaken by the older man's sense of morality.

Her Res ― 3 cases in which you will find me in 3 minutes by Yuki Yamato
An experimental series of short films about two contrasting young women.

Please Please Me by Taro Aoishi
A university student who lives modestly and happily discovers the malice that exists in this world.

A STEPMOTHER by Takashi Kudo
Kanako has dealt with her stepmother's excessive meddling until now, but...

THE CHARM OF OTHERS by Ryutaro Ninomiya
The turbulence that surfaces in the daily lives of an immature group of factory workers.

JISHIN - Earthquake and Confidence by Yasuomi Kawahara
One month after a great disaster, a man comes to Tokyo to bring his ex back to Osaka.

RIKO by Aya Yumiba
A quiet girl learns how to connect with others by living together with a middle-aged man.

The PFF Award ceremony will be held on 28th Sep and you can be a witness of the brand-new Japanese films!

22nd PFF Scholarship film, HOMESICK by Satoru Hirohara will be shown as world premire on 27th Sep.

And more!

Advanced tickets are now on sale!


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