- PFF Award Competiton 2010

Good Morning to the World!!

Good Morning to the World!!

Director:Satoru Hirohara


* with English subtitle

Yuta is a 10th-grader, nicknamed "Jamira." He is one of the duller students in his class. His friendships are awkward. He lives alone with his mother. His daily milieu is commonplace, and his world consists of traveling back and forth between home and school. He hears on the news that the suicide rate of minors is increasing. He sings and jumps around in his small room. He records the things he does everyday on his voice recorder, like the way he gave a nickname to everything he saw on his way home that day. One day, he steals a bag from a man on the street from idle curiosity, but finds the same man dead the next day.

Hong Kong International Film Festival 2011
Special mention - FIPRESCI Award

Vancouver International Film Festival 2010
Grand prize - Dragons & Tigers Award for Young Cinema

PFF Award Competiton 2010

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