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February 2, 2016

A Road & Hachimiri Madness at Berlinale

A Road

A Road by Daichi Sugimoto, grand prize winner at the PFF 2015, will be shown at Forum, Berlinale 2016.

[Screening schedule]
Tue.16 Feb.,09:30 @CinemaxX 6 (P&I)
Wed.17 Feb.,17:45 @Arsenal 1
Fri.19 Feb.,22:15 @Akademie der Kunste, Hanseatenweg
Sat.20 Feb.,16:30 @Delphi
Sun.21 Feb.,11:00 @CineStar 8
*The director will attend the festival from 16 to 21 Feb.

Hachimiri Madness: Japanese Indies from the Punk Years

Japan's original 8mm independent film culture on 70-80's will be introduced at Berlinale. This is a collaboration programme with Berlinale and Hong Kong International Festival.

[Screening schedule]
- Isolation of 1/8800000 by Sogo Ishii (1977/43 min)
- The Adventure of Denchu-Kozo by Shinya Tsukamoto (1988/47 min)
Fri.12 Feb., 22:30 @Arsenal / Mon. 15 Feb., 14:00 @Delphi / Thu. 18 Feb., 14:00 @Cubix 7

- Hanasareru Gang by Nobuhiro Suwa (1984/ 85 min)
Sat.13 Feb., 14:00 @Cubix 7 / Tue. 16 Feb., 22:30 @Arsenal / Fri. 19 Feb., 14:00 @Delphi

- I Am Sion Sono!! by Shion Sono (1984/37min)
- Tokyo Cabbageman K by Akira Ogata (1980/59 min)
Sat.13 Feb., 22:30 @Arsenal / Tue. 16 Feb., 14:00 @Delphi / Fri. 19 Feb., 14:00 @Cubix 7

- Happiness Avenue by Katsuyuki Hirano (1986/93 min)
Sun. 14 Feb., 14:00 @Cubix 7 / Wed. 17 Feb., 22:30 @Arsenal / Sat. 20 Feb., 14:00 @Delphi

- Saint Terrorism by Masashi Yamamoto (1980/127 min)
Sun. 14 Feb., 22:30 @Arsenal / Wed. 17 Feb., 14:00 @Delphi / Sat. 20 Feb., 14:00 @Cubix 7

- UNK by Makoto Tezuka (1979/ 15min)
- High-School-Terror by Makoto Tezuka (1979/6min)
- The Rain Women by Shinobu Yaguchi (1990/72 min)
Mon. 15 Feb., 14:00 @Cubix 7 / Thu. 18 Feb., 22:30 @Arsenal / Sun. 21 Feb., 14:00 @Delphi

- A Man's Flower Road by Shion Sono (1986/ 110 min)
Mon. 15 Feb., 22:30 @Arsenal / Thu. 18 Feb., 14:00 @Delphi / Sun. 21 Feb., 14:00 @Cubix 7

*All has English subtitles

January 19, 2016

OW by Yohei Suzuki

OW by Yohei Suzuki, one of the PFF Award 2014 films will be shown at 45th International Film Festival Rotterdam in Japan Noir programme.
IFFR runs from 27 January to 7 February 2016 and OW will be shown schedule as below.

29th January at Pathe 6
4th February at Cinerama 3 *Director will attend the screening.

January 13, 2016

The Name of the Whale

PFF Award 2015 competition films, The Name of Whale by Fumito Fujikawa will be shown at 18th Spokane International Film Festival in USA from January 29 to February 6.

Screening: Jan. 30, 3pm at The Magic Lantern Theater

December 13, 2015

Jury Prize for LINGERING MEMORIES by Keiko Tsuruoka

The 23rd PFF Scholarship Film, LINGERING MEMORIES by Keiko Tsuruoka was received one of the JURY PRIZEs at the 15th Marrakech International Film Festival's official competition programme.
President of the jury was Francis Ford Coppola and jury members were Amal Ayouch, Sami Bouajila, Sergio Castellitto, Richa Chadda, Anton Corbijn, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Naomi Kawase and Olga Kurylenko.

Comment from Francis Ford Coppola for the LINGERING MEMORIES; "For its touching story of an orphaned girl connecting with disenfranchised boy in a reiteration of the great Japanese tradition ghost stories"

November 30, 2015

23rd PFF Scholarship Film, LINGERING MEMORIES

The 23rd PFF Scholarship Film, LINGERING MEMORIES by Keiko Tsuruoka will be shown at the 15th Marrakech International Film Festival's official competition programme as international premire.

The director, Keiko Tsuruoka will attend its screening.
Dec. 7, 11am at Palais des Congrès - Salle des Ministres

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