August 13, 2016

38th PIA Film Festival FOREIGN LANGUAGE films

38th PIA Film Festival, Sep 10 - 23
FOREIGN LANGUAGE (Dialogue / Subtitle) films

Hachimiri Madness: Japanese Indies from the Punk Years ... English subtitle

This is a collaboration programme, PFF with Berlinale and Hong Kong International Festival.

[Screening schedule]

  • A Man's Flower Road (1986/110min)
    by Sion Sono

    Sep.10th Sat. 11:30- / 20th Tue. 18:30-

  • Hanasareru Gang (1984/85min)
    by Nobuhiro Suwa

    Sep.11th Sun. 11:30- / 16th Fri. 19:00-

  • Isolation of 1/8800000 (1977/43min)
    by Sogo Ishii

    The Adventure of Denchu-Kozo (1988/47min)
    by Shinya Tsukamoto

    Sep.13th Tue. 19:00- / 16th Fri. 19:00-

  • I Am Sion Sono!! (1984/37min)
    by Sion Sono

    Tokyo Cabbageman K (1980/59min)
    by Akira Ogata

    Sep. 14th Wed.19:00- / 18th Sun. 13:00-

  • Happiness Avenue (1986/93min)
    by Katsuyuki Hirano

    Sep. 15th Thur 16:00- / 17th Sat. 16:00-

  • Saint Terrorism (1980/127min)
    by Masashi Yamamoto

    Sep. 15th Thur 16:00- / 17th Sat.12:00-

  • UNK (1979/15min)
    by Macoto Tezuka

    High-School-Terror (1979/6min)
    by Macoto Tezuka

    The Rain Women (1990/72min)
    by Shinobu Yaguchi

    Sep.16 Fri. 13:00- /17th Sat.19:00-

American Independent Spirits

[Screening schedule]

  • Cinéastes de notre temps: John Cassavetes (1969/49min/France/English/B&W)

    The Exiles (1961/72min/United States/English/Col)
    by Kent MacKenzie

    Sep.11th Sun. 11:30- / 21th Wed. 18:30-

Jacques Rivette tribute

[Screening schedule]

  • CELINE ET JULIE VONT EN BATEAU (1974/192min/France/Col)
    by Jacques Rivett

    Sep.11th Sun. 11:30- / 22tn Thur. 12:30-

PFF lecture series

[Screening schedule]

  • Weekend (2011/96min/English/Col)
    by Andrew Haigh

    Sep.13th Tue.11:00-

  • Mauvais Sang (1986/125min/Col)
    by Leos Carax

    Sep.17th Sat. 15:00-

August 13, 2016

38th PIA Film Festival

38th PIA Film Festival(PFF) will be held from 10 to 23 Sep. 2016
at National Film Center of the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
PFF's main programme, PFF Award 2016 is comprised of 20 works.

We will also show films from USA, UK and France which have been rarely shown in Japan with original dialogue and Japanese subtitle. More detail is coming soon.

July 9, 2016

Grand prize at Lima Independiente Festival Internacional de Cine

July 1, 2016

The Name of the Whale

June 7, 2016

A Road

A Road by Daichi Sugimoto, grand prize winner at the PFF 2015, will be shown at JAPAN CUTS in USA.
Schedule: Wednesday, July 20, 6:30 PM

PFF director, Keiko Araki will be one of a paneler for the Japanese Film Culture In & Out of Japan
Schedule: Wednesday, July 20, 4 PM

Other PFF handling films

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